Zeke Virant
Based in Leuven, Belgium

Release date:
May 17, 2016

Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, PC


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Soft Body is a meditative action game where you control two beautiful, gooey snakes at the same time. In the game, you paint the world with your body, and as you do so, the world changes around you revealing new obstacles and challenges. The action is tense, but the mood is contemplative and calm. It’s a blend of quick-restart action games like Super Meat Boy and the mind-melting coordination of top-down shooters like Ikaruga.


Development has centered around a single question: How can I make movement feel great and rewarding? This question has driven the game's development and informs almost every aspect of the design. From the shape of the bullet patterns, to the sound of painting a wall, Soft Body's mechanics encourage movement and give personality to the game's tense and joyful fiction. I want people to take tons of small risks and push their luck by skirting fields of projectiles, and I want them find fun and choices in their characters' flowing animation and to push themselves to master controlling two characters at the same time.


  • 100 levels
  • Four unique modes for all players: from simple bullet dodging to brain-splitting masochism
  • New Game+ option for both Soft Game and Hard Game -- rethought mechanics and revamped levels for those seeking the brain-splitting challenges
  • Play the game in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, or Portuguese


Release Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Level Playthrough: Way of Life YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Honorable Mention: Best Design, Independent Games Festival" San Francisco, CA, March 2016
  • "Honorable Mention: Seamus McNally Grand Prize, Independent Games Festival" San Francisco, CA, March 2016
  • "Nominee: Gamer's Voice Award, SXSW" Austin, TX, March 2016
  • "Best Art, Belgian Game Awards" Antwerp, Belgium, February 2016
  • "Nominee: Best PC/Console Game, Belgian Game Awards" Antwerp, Belgium, February 2016
  • "Nominee: Innovation Award, Belgian Game Awards" Antwerp, Belgium, February 2016
  • "Finalist, Whippering Indie Cup" San Francisco, CA, December 2015
  • "Best Sound, hóPLAY" Bilbao, Spain, November 2014
  • "Nominee for Best Original Idea, hóPLAY" Bilbao, Spain, November 2014
  • "1st Prize, The Big Indie Pitch" Bilbao, Spain, November 2014
  • "Finalist for Grand Jury Prize, European Indie Game Days" Montreuil, France, November 2014
  • "Official Selection, Gamercamp 2014" Toronto, Canada, October 2014
  • "Student Competition: "Diamond in the Rough", Ludicious - Zurich Game Festival" Zürich, Switzerland, September 2014
  • "Official Selection, Out of Index Festival" Seoul, South Korea, July 2014
  • "Excellence in Puzzle Innovation, GameFest 2014" Troy, NY, April 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Some games can feel like out of body experiences. That might be one way to describe Soft Body, a refreshingly unique abstract puzzle game. In it, you take control of two entities, a Soft Body and a Ghost Body, at the same time. Together, you use them to paint the game’s world, which continually changes around you, while avoiding drifting bullets. Surreal and controlled, meditative yet tense, Soft Body will leave you entranced, followed by a quiet ‘wow.’"
    - Gamercamp, Official Selection
  • "It's not just ingenious and fresh, it also feels amazing to play. The world feels responsive to your presence and your ghostly spirits move with effortless flexibility."
    - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer
  • "Zeke Virant originally created Soft Body... with the intent of making movement feel "great and rewarding." He has succeeded on all accounts. Moving the orange spirit around is like pulling an eel through water on a piece of string. The thumb rolls of your analog stick have immediate feedback and a spineless flexibility."
    - Chris Priestman, Kill Screen
  • "Soft Body is a remarkable game that combines traditional action­ game elements with a fascinating, original, idiosyncratic sense of style. At the heart of this game is a deep and focused attention to game feel, there is something immediately pleasurable about how the game responds to the player."
    - Frank Lantz, NYU Game Center
  • "Soft Body’s whole scene feels like something you could sit down after a day of back-breaking work. "
    - Adam Paris, Indie Statik
  • "As I started playing, it felt as if something pulled me into the game, and soon I was just one with its world. The combination of music, sounds and color, along with the way your avatar moves, help create a non-frantic feeling which may easily distinguish it from most bullet hell games."
    - Nikolas Ksenos, Fever Clan

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