Prototype Studio


There's a Moon Out Tonight (Week 11, 3 screen caps)

title screen

selection screen


drive around and pick-up your crew


WINDY NIGHT (week2, 1 screen cap)

non-interactive narrative prototype


I FEEL BEAUTIFUL TONIGHT (week 5, 1 screen cap)

You play a worm that slithers up either one of the lovers' bodies and then into their brains. You take control of their brain and their end of the conversation.

Life is Good (week 3, 2 screen caps)

title screen

Driving around town to find conversations.

A sample of aforementioned conversation

Video Foosball (Week 10, 1 screen cap)

Players try to score on each other.
Move player with left analog stick.
Move wall with right analog stick.
Dash to steal ball from other block.
Hold trigger to charge shot. Ball is very bouncy!